12:35 PM - 01:20 PM (45 min)


Erik Schnetter (Perimeter Institute)

Abstract: CarpetX, a new driver for the Einstein Toolkit based on AMReX, is now available for testing. A driver in the Einstein Toolkit is responsible for basic computational algorithms such as adaptive mesh refinement, parallelism, inter-processes communication, or GPU offloading. Thorns can then implement the physics bits and discretization methods, relying on the driver to stitch everything together into a single application. CarpetX offers a range of new features for the Einstein Toolkit that are interesting for hydrodynamics or magnetic fields (staggered grids, refluxing), improved performance (multi-threading, GPUs, scalability, I/O), and additional safety features that prevent or catch programming errors (uninitialized grid points, inconsistent definitions). I will describe these new features and how to use them.

slides: CarpetX.pdf
additional files: CarpetX.pptx movie.mp4
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