12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (45 min)

Introduction to the Einstein Toolkit

Steven Brandt (Louisiana State University)

Abstract: This course covers the basics of the Einstein Toolkit:

  1. A brief history;
  2. what the Einstein Toolkit is and can do;
  3. How to install the ET (including prerequisites)
  4. How to run the ET and create a rudimentary plot of some of the data generated.

All of the above steps are carried out within a Jupyter notebook. This means that there are no hardware requirements for your computer.

Familiarity with the linux command line is required, and some minimal knowledge of Python is helpful.

Note that this course replicates the material available in the online tutorial.

slides: CactusTutorial.ipynb
recording: watch

Please refer to the instructions page for login instructions into the tutorial server.

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