11:10 AM - 11:55 AM (45 min)

Using LORENE Binary Neutron Star Initial Data

Bruno Giacomazzo (University of Milano-Bicocca)

Abstract: In this lecture we will learn how to read binary neutron star initial data generated with LORENE within the Einstein Toolkit. For this lecture we will use a simple piecewise polytropic equation of state (EOS) modeling a cold nuclear EOS. The initial data are contained in ETK_School_2021.tgz. A Jupyter notebook will be used for this tutorial (Giacomazzo_ETK_2021.ipynb). A more complex parameter file that can run on a cluster can be found in BNS_ETK_July_2021_Sly4_lowres.par.

slides: Giacomazzo_ETK_2021.ipynb
additional files: BNS_ETK_July_2021_Sly4_lowres.par ETK_School_2021.tgz
recording: watch

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